[Groop] eBay Miniatures

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Fri Apr 14 05:46:05 PDT 2006

	Uhm, perhaps this e-mail to the Groop might be hindering my own
interest in these auctions by telling others about it, but I wanted to
see if anyone on the list is bidding or will NOW be interested in
bidding on these auctions. I feel the need to declare to my fellow
Groopies my very high interest in bidding on at least one of these
though. :)

	The first one is for the dragon!:
	The thing I am curious about is the seller states this is from a
second printing of the miniature series. Was there a difference between
the two? The first printing was in 1986, right? Either way I am missing
this set from my own collection, so I am very driven to bid on this.

	The second auction I MIGHT be interested in is set 1:
	This set is listed as being from the first printing. I already
have set 701 myself, but again I am not familiar with the differences in
the printing. Another thing I noticed is it seems Rufferto (I guess) is
completely separate on his own. There also seems to be something, which
looks broken off toward the bottom of the blister pack. Unfortunately I
do not keep my won collection at my regular place, so I can not compare
the two. I thought someone on the Groop could provide some incite.

	Well I know how rare the Dragon set is, so I thought it was only
fair I post the eBay auction for it on the Groop to potentially share
that love. :) ...but do not be surprised if I bid like a fiend for it!

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