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            You know what. I DID Err..
            In question #8 I asked, "What MONTH was the 1993 version of
the Life of Groo graphic novel printed in?" What I REALLY meant to ask
was what MONTH was the 1995 version of the Life of Groo graphic novel
printed in? I got mixed up myself over the fact the 1995 edition was a
reprint of the 1993 version. Sorry about that.
            Ahh. and now that I am looking back, I can answer my own
question #7.  The 1987 printing of the Death of Groo was printed in
November. Once again I made a similar mistake. I meant to inquire about
the month for the reprint of the 1990 version of the Death of Groo.
Thanks David.
            .and Gary, in reference to the miniature questions I had...
I suspected as much. I figured there was just a minor difference in the
packaging, but I did not know the whole story behind it. I also DID
actually think it was Mulch and not Rufferto in the 701 set. I do have
to admit I had no idea the piece I THOUGHT was broken off was in fact
additional frets for the Minstrel's guitar thingy. You learn something
new every day.
            I do feel the need to point out I am and was aware of the
full Groo merchandise listing you linked to, which is the reason I did
suspect it was Mulch and not Rufferto. However the list states "Groo,
Chakaal, Sage & Mulch, Minstrel" so I got the impression Sage & Mulch
were one modeled figure. Then when I read that eBay auction as Rufferto
and saw an unclear image with what looked like a separate possible dog I
was a bit thrown off, particularly without my own collection at hand to
refer to. Also the list does not specify the separate frets for the
Minstrel, which is why I thought there was a possible broken figure in
that particular auction's item.
            Either way thank you very much Gary. You certainly clear
things up very well. :-)
            .Now onto your answers to my questions, Gary. You certainly
did a spectacular job answering them, as I suspected you would. Although
there are some things I do not absolutely understand just yet.
            When I asked about the first Groo sketches from the third
book of the original Chronicle series, I think I was not clear in my own
answer. I intended on finding out whether those first sketches had
appeared in an older publication. I kind of naturally figured the
sketches would appear in the hardcover reprint of the Chronicles, but
unfortunately I do not yet have that in my own collection, so I think
you ended up answering that question more than I had intended unless you
neglected to mention any earlier printings of those first sketches.
            Obviously if you read my first couple of paragraphs in this
e-mail you will know I messed up in my original questioning in #s 7 & 8.
Feel free to answer the corrected questions I wrote above. If it helps
any though, your answer to question #7 about the month of the 1987
edition of the Death of Groo was a POSSIBLE November, and I also happen
to have November down for that printing in my own list as well. However,
I do not have my own copy readily available, so I can not confirm it. I
can say I do NOT have a "?" after the month in my own listing like I do
after the month for Destroyer Duck. I put that "?" after that because I
KNOW my copy of Destroyer Duck #1 does not show any month for its
printing, but I wrote down February because I was going by your
listings. Since I could not verify it for myself I put the "?" after the
month and asked question #9. Either way if you do ever figure out how
you came to those months of November and February please DO share that
conclusion with the Groop. :-)
            Other than that, once again thanks Gary.
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