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Sat Apr 15 09:51:17 PDT 2006

  4) What were the years AND months each of the original Groo Chronicles
printed in?

  The Groo Crew seems to have a deep-seated aversion to putting the months of publication in any of their special issues, for some reason, but the Groo Chronicles #4 and #5 were printed in 1989.
  6) In Book #5 of the Chronicle series there are six pages of Groo
"cut-out" figures. Were these ever printed in another publication? If
so, where?

  The cutouts were first printed in the Eclipse Groo Special.
7) What MONTH was the 1987 version of the Death of Groo graphic novel
printed in?

  See my answer to question #4... I'm not sure if I'm erring, or they simply didn't put the months in.
8) What MONTH was the 1993 version of the Life of Groo graphic novel
printed in?

  That would be March, 1993, as any fool can plainly see...
  This concludes Tone's Groo Intelligence Test. Did I Err...?
  Anyways... hope that that's some help.

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