[Groop] Other than Groo

Jorge Filevich rage at engr.colostate.edu
Tue Aug 1 09:41:12 PDT 2006

I thought Tone's "revelation" was almost over the edge, but not quiet. 
Certainly not PG, but if somebody had to write it here that was the way 
to do it. Not really necessary but not offensive either. Quiet 
off-off-topic though, but that is not a bad thing. My point is that I 
don't really have a point, nor a strong opinion about the matter, but I 
wanted to make sure that my no opinion was being heard, and that 
everybody  knew that I agree with everybody in this matter.

Anyway, back to the topic of the off-topic discussion: Other than Groo

I usually like to do things differently, looking for a twist to things, 
maybe that is why I read Groo and I don't read super hero comics? Or 
maybe is my upbringing in Argentina and a strong tradition of 
"historietas" that I read since I was little. Argentinian and European 
authors mostly.
> 	- Bicycling,
I used to bike a lot, go everywhere on my bike, now I Unicycle, actually 
mostly mountain unicylce (MUni) . I do have a Coker  (amazing 36" wheel) 
that I am still trying to make it fit my body, but I mostly use my MUni 
to go up and down the single track here in Colorado. It is extremely fun 
and I get all the attention from everyone whenever I go. 

> 	- Graphic design,
I also draw now and then, not much lately, but enjoy it most of the time

> 	- Obscure animation,
I love obscure animation, I have been experimenting with some 
Claynimation myself, and have a couple little scripts written that I 
plan to get done eventually.

> 	- Medieval/Fantasy Thieves
Thief, That is a great game, and the last one I played. Thief II that 
is. Never actually finished it, never got to Thief III. Maybe someday I 
will go back to it. I loved the silk character from the Eddings books. 
And when I used to DM, if you had a thief you would certainly make it 
further than any other character. I  tailor made campaigns based on a 
thief character.
> 	- Martial Arts,
I practice Judo for a few years as a kid, that is about it for martial 
arts. But talking about obscure sports, or obscure stuff. I also play 
underwater hockey. Octopush for our British friends. It is a real sport, 
quiet organized, played in about 30 countries. I have been playing for 
14 years now, and played for the Argentinian National Team at worlds in 
2002, which is not a great accomplishment considering the few people 
that actually play the sport, but it was an amazing experience. The next 
worlds is in two weeks in Sheffield, England, and it will be even 
broadcast live  over the Internet.

Oh, and I like (a lot) a girl that collects rocks :p


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