[Groop] Groo collection ruined

Janet L. Harriett pengyfelix at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 26 21:08:59 PDT 2006

Larry Steller wrote:
> --- Ryan Simmons <onewhowatches at msn.com> wrote:
>> *sigh*
>> Some of you may remember my boasting of having an entire collection
>> of Groo 
>> stories without a single signature or sketch of Sergio or gang EVER
>> being in 
>> my possession...
>> Pacific #8.  Pg 1.  Sergio's sig, rough sketch of Groo's head, dated
>> '85. :(
Maybe someone would trade you their non-autographed copy of Pacific #8 
for your autographed one, so you could have a pristine collection..

Don't look at me.  At the moment, most of our Groo collection is in a 
long box in the closet, behind roughly three quarters of a ton of vinyl 
record albums.  No way that I'm moving all that just to find that our 
Pacific #8 is autographed, too.


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