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I just wanted to say something about you and Sergio discontinuing signing
mailed pieces. I can fully understand that and I¹m amazed you were kind
enough to do it in the first place. I was fortunate enough to be one who was
able to take advantage of your generosity. A few years back, my friend
Deborah had some fairly serious surgery. She is an absolute Star Wars nut
and I happened to have two copies of Sergio Stomps Star Wars (or whatever it
was called) and you two signed one for me and personalized one for Deborah.
I wish you could have seen the look on her face when she opened it. She was
at the same time totally awed and delighted. Your kindness made an
incredible impact on someone who was at a really low point in her life. I¹m
sure I thanked you at the time, but I just want to do it again and let the
groop know (once again) what caring men you are. (I know, I¹m preaching to
the choir here.) Anyway, your decision is, I¹m sure, a really good one. It¹s
just unfortunate that it was precipitated by others¹ complaining. Thanks for
all you do and please pass these sentiments on to Sergio as well.

Chris (Glorko)

> Sunday, January 29, 2006, 3:28:24 PM, you wrote:
> ME> Sergio and I will be doing a panel at WonderCon on Saturday afternoon at
> ME> 3:30.  It's called LOUDER THAN WORDS.  The idea is that I'll be
> ME> interviewing him and throwing QUICK DRAW style challenges at him, and
> ME> he'll be answering my questions and challenges by drawing.  He'll be
> ME> talking, too.  It'll be an interesting experiment.
> ME> The reason we aren't doing QUICK DRAW there is that we've decided it
> ME> doesn't work with pads of paper, which is how we've usually done it at
> ME> Wondercon.  It has to be with the projectors and this year, because of
> ME> tech problems, Wondercon can only set up one in the room.  So we'll just
> ME> have Sergio on the one projector.  We don't QUICK DRAW anywhere they
> ME> don't have multiple projectors so that the audience can see the artists
> ME> drawing.
> ME> The Thursday evening before WonderCon, we're doing QUICK DRAW at that
> ME> event in Santa Cruz I mentioned before.  The players will be Sergio,
> ME> Scott Shaw!, Bill Morrison and Batton Lash.  We'll have two projectors
> ME> there so we'll have Bill compete with Batton I think, then switch and
> ME> have Sergio and Scott compete.  Or something like that.
> ME> In other news...
> ME> Sergio and I have not started work on GROO MEETS CONAN (or whatever it's
> ME> going to be called).  Actually, we have a story but no art has been
> ME> commenced.  Sergio will be teamed with another artist -- a real CONAN
> ME> illustrator who'll draw some pages -- and we're waiting for the guy we
> ME> want to be become available.  So this book is still a long ways off.
> ME> The movie script is coming along fine.  No other news there.
> ME> We have decided to discontinue our little service where we'll sign
> ME> comics or anything anyone mails to me with a stamped, self-addressed
> ME> envelope.  It has led to too many problems with things getting allegedly
> ME> lost in the mail and people getting mad at us.  From now on, we only
> ME> sign at conventions.
> ME> Sergio has been announced as a guest at the Motor City Comic Convention
> ME> in Detroit in May but I'm not 100% sure he's going.  I don't have any
> ME> conventions planned before San Diego.
> ME> That is all for now.
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