[Groop] Chakal and questions...

Mo orst m00rst at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 3 19:54:45 PDT 2006

Gary wrote:

>I KNOW that Sergio & Mark would love to do new Groo and could and would 
>despite their busy schedules.  This leads me to conclude that the business 
>side of things is getting in the way, i.e. Dark Horse won't give them a 
>decent deal.

Maybe Dark Horse should take a gander at Groo's previous publishers if they 
want to see what happens to those who let the Wanderer wander away. Shall we 
take a trip down memory lane?:

1. Pacific Comics - Eight issues into Mark & Sergio land, they went bankrupt 

2. Eclipse Comics - Bought out by Todd McFarlane in 1993, but they had been 
floundering for years before that awful fate. This after only ONE issue of 

3. Epic Comics - Discontinued by Marvel in 1994 just months after Sergio & 
Co. left (with a brief whimper in 2003... kinda reminds me of all those 
"last words" death-rattles Groo encountered on the battlefield)

4. Image Comics - Basically a rock star/gimmick-cover joke of a publisher 
until Groo came along in 1994 and was automatically their most consistently 
published book for practically all of 1995. After Groo left, the company 
almost immediately fell into a toilet of in-house turmoil... and though they 
still have a handfull of consistent (albeit cliche) books and some 
interesting creator-owned projects on occasion, they are still recovering 
from the disasterous year that followed Groo's departure (1996).

Does Dark Horse want to be #5 on this elite list of comic publisher 
wannabes? They better wise-up and study a little bit o' comic book history, 
imo, before they become just another statistic in a Mark Evanier letters 


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