[Groop] Chakal and questions...

Mark Evanier evanier at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 22:32:02 PDT 2006

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> In the case of the movie, it's good news because it means that the
> movie plans are progressing and the project has not gone belly up.
> Unfortunately, it's still probably several years away because that's
> just how these CGI projects work.

ME: True.

> In the case of everything else, it's probably bad news.  The deal for
> new trade paperbacks and reprints of the first 7 that came out under
> Marvel was supposed to have been struck a year ago.  The fact that it
> hasn't happenned yet probably/might mean that DH's commitment is
> lukewarm and they won't give Sergio & Mark a reasonable deal.  Ditto
> with Groo v Conan and any other New Groo.

ME: Not true.  To be honest with you, I'm not sure what the holdup is. 
Dark Horse says they want to do all those things.  We want to do them. 
Somehow, the projects just aren't getting organized properly.  I hope to 
straighten some of this out at San Diego.

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