[Groop] Groo Movie thoughts (and random asides)

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Fri Jul 21 22:24:02 PDT 2006

As far as casting the voice acting... I can think of a few that got it right.  Peanuts, of course, as has been previously mentioned... Mark Hamill makes a stunningly brilliant Joker (Batman, the Animated Series... and Justice League Unlimited, for that matter)- one of the creepiest maniacal laughs I've yet heard (yes, THAT Mark Hamill... he's a rather good voice actor), and the Animated Adventures of Asterix all get it more-or-less right- I can't read the strips/books anymore without hearing the characters 'speak' in those voices.
  So it IS possible... just, unfortunately, very, very easy to screw up (a screwup in a Groo movie?  Did they err?)
  Oh... and as to the aforementioned aside- I am sitting in San Diego as I write this (well, Encini-something-or-other, but close enough- about an hour from San Diego), and have finally met Sergio face-to-face (no sign of Mark... I'm volunteering at the con so I can get in free, and unfortunately my shift (unbeknownst to me... and leaving me feeling a little slow of mind) landed right on top of the Sergio and Mark Show :-( ), and can now confirm that he is just as wonderful as everyone has said he was.  (as if we needed any more confirmation... heh).
  It was also rather interesting to get to meet Gary finally... and see his Greek Groos.  Hehe.  Groopies/ers forever!
  David Reinhardt
  P.S.- Gary, I'm holding you to that thing you said about putting out a call to see who's interested in the personalized Groop cards again (I AM!).
  P.P.S.- What did I mean, slow of... ah, never mind.  You've all heard that one before.

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