[Groop] Groo Movie thoughts (and random asides)

bj trapp bjtrapp at sasktel.net
Fri Jul 21 23:35:02 PDT 2006

No Way wrote:

> As far as casting the voice acting... I can think of a few that got it 
> right. ------snip------------ and the Animated Adventures of Asterix 
> all get it more-or-less right- I can't read the strips/books anymore 
> without hearing the characters 'speak' in those voices.

Maybe I saw a different Asterix adventure than you did No Way. I rented 
one done in collaboration with Disney. I had always considered Obelix as 
a bit slow of mind but still capable of functioning in his world (much 
like my perception of Groo); but the animated voice in the one I saw 
took his intelligence down below the moron level, to somewhere slightly 
above a turnip.  Asterix, the clever and cunning warrior, though 
somewhat short statured, came out of voice animation hell sounding like 
a whiney Jiminy Cricket. Then they added a singing and dancing segment 
with animated vegetables that seemed to be added because they had a 
bunch of vegetable animators sitting around with nothing to do.  If 
Disney couldn't get the voices right, what hope for anyone else.  I 
think the present practice of getting "name" actors for  voices of 
animated characters is a large step in a wrong direction.  I dread that 
Groo could come to the same end.


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