[Groop] groo card sheet

Ryan Simmons onewhowatches at msn.com
Mon Jul 24 16:35:53 PDT 2006

And get this Gary.

They guy claims some packages were destroyed, but not ours.  However, it is 
not known if the packages were taken by the vandalizer or if they had 
already been picked up.

So he asks us if we have received them yet.  If not he will supposedly 
refund our money or send us something else.

Well he either has waited at least a week after the vandalization if he is 
wondering if we have received them yet.

Or it just happened today or close to and "supposedly" our packages may had 
already been picked up by the post man and theoretically on their way to us.

If that is a possibility why is he asking if we want a refund or some other 
type of replacement item?

He doesn't lie very well.

What a bummer.

Second time I've got ripped off on ebay.  Pay your money, take your chances.

I'm in damage relief talks with this guy hoping I get something back from 


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>You found the Groo Card sheets?  Both of you?  Wow!  I didn't know any
>others existed.  If you don't mind me asking, how much did they cost you 
>where did you find them.  Did you each get both of them?
>Take care -Gary G.
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>I got the same thing.
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> >
> >dude....get a load of this email....this is from the Canada guy who
> >sold
> >the
> >groo card sheet and he sends me this:
> >
> >
> >hi
> >
> >can you please let me know if you have received this item as the  post
> >office
> >has informed that a number of packages i sent out with your item  were
> >destroyed when the mail box i use was opened by someone who was trying to
> >steal
> >mail. your package was not part of the destroyed mail but there is a
> >chance that
> >it was never recovered or it had been collected before the vandal  
> >please let me know if it has come or not. and if you have not received  
> >all i
> >can do is send you something else you collect or your money back.  please
> >let
> >me know asap.
> >
> >thank you
> >steve
> >
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