[Groop] The Groo Effect

Ryan Simmons onewhowatches at msn.com
Sat Jul 29 18:00:55 PDT 2006

Methinks I should set up and ship out a spare computer to Gary so he has a 
ready backup in case this ever happens again.

Was it a hard drive crash, Gary?


>From: "Grossmann, Gary" <GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV>
>To: "'groop at groo.com'" <groop at groo.com>
>Subject: [Groop] The Groo Effect
>Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 17:49:07 -0700
>Hi Folks!
>Just sending a quick note from my cubicle, (or as Sergio calls it, my
>"Booth") which I stopped at for few minutes on the way back from the 
>store to check in with everyone.
>Well, as we all know, the Groo effect is real!  And this time it got me.  
>computer is toast, not worth fixing and I have had to order a new one.  So
>it will be a bit before I'm sending e-mails from anywhere but my booth,
>which normally means not at all on the weekends and not much the rest of 
>time.  (Lucky you!)
>Shortly after my computer crashed, our heat pump (read that "air
>conditioner") went out because a bug got in it.  Yes, a REAL bug, the six
>legged kind.  Damned expensive bug.  And just to add a little insult to
>injury, the dog peed on the carpet. Rufferto he ain't.
>So I'm even more unorganized than usual and eventually will get out a Con
>report.  And I'll keep you posted on the cards and shirts.  Keep those 
>and letter's coming on those fronts. The more the merrier.  Gotta go.  The
>ice cream is melting
>Keep the bugs out of your heat pumps and the dogs off the carpet!  Take 
>all -Gary G.

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