[Groop] Top Posters of 2005 (late again)

Janet L. Harriett pengyfelix at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 5 07:24:03 PST 2006

>  found
> out that there are women, who seriously appreciate Groo 
We are out there.  There are at least two of us in the Groop.
> (Janet, please
> post pics of your Chakaal costume while at Motor City
Will do.

> 	Actually, now I have two copies of StarSlayer #4. After learning
> about #4 I told my girlfriend about it and she secretly bid on the
> auction I had seen it in to surprise me with it. When I went to bid on
> it myself, I noticed someone won the auction already, so I bid on
> another auction. Before the auction I bid on was up, I actually figured
> out she had bought me out on the original auction. Instead of retracting
> my bid on the second auction... as my girlfriend put it, "Now you can
> have one inside your collection and have the other one for the poster to
> hang on your wall. Gotta love her for that. :)
Tone, your girlfriend is a keeper. That is going way above the call of duty.


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