[Groop] Groop Membershipcards on eBay

Tom Albitz txa13 at psu.edu
Wed Aug 1 14:15:16 PDT 2007

Not only that, but they are being sold through a Trading Assistant, 
so you don't even get to see accurate feedback on the actual seller. 
And the prices being asked will leave the seller with just a few 
bucks per card, probably not even enough to cover the original price 
of the cards.

I'm also amused by the description on the 25th anniversary card where 
it states that:  "It was released to celebrate the 25th Anniversary 
of Groo and was available only at the 2007 San Diego ComiCon."

What a Drumm!


At 04:42 PM 8/1/2007, Ronny Hansen wrote:
>This is just sad :(
>Ronny Hansen
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