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Shane & Tone & Everyone,
The issue is not whether the seller is telling a true story.  He
probably is, or close enough to it.  That doesn't really matter.  What
matters is that the guy was selling, without Sergio's permission, a
representation of Groo for which Sergio has not been paid.  I guarentee
you that when you see a Star Wars action figure prototype sell for
thousands, LucasFilms or whoever is getting a big chunk of the price.  
So by unauthorized I mean that they made a prototype way back when in
the hopes of getting an agreement with Sergio to market it, like they
had for the minis, but for whatever reason that never came about, so
they were left with a statue that they owned but had no real connection
to Sergio and could not be sold without Sergio's permission. (Which they
didn't get) 
It wouldn't be any different if you made a Groo statue, pitched it to
Sergio as an item that could be mass produced and sold, and he turned
you down.  You own the statue,but he owns the character, so legally you
can't do anything with the statue but stare at it.  
-Gary G.  
btw, the only thing about the story that didn't make sense to me was
that dwtripp has been selling Groo minis for years and I thought he was
one of the partners of the long defunct Dark Horse company that made
them They were based in Idaho, but the sculptor had moved (I think to
Portland) years ago.  So I thought the story was that dwtripp, as legit
owner of a large stash of minis, was selling them piecemeal on ebay over
time so that the price didn't drop too much.  That doesn't quite jive
with the story he gave about the prototype, but I don't think it

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	Was it 'unauthorized' Gary?
	I don't know about the Dark Horse line, specifically, and it's
legal ins & outs, but I deal quite in depth in the world of
'miniatures', and it's really quite common for these "prototypes" to
exist. Is it possible the creator sculpted this to show Sergio the next
'release', but for whatever reason the company folded, and the project
got scraped?
	I think what I'm saying, is a lot of these types of creators,
oft times create a single prototype or even a large scale version of the
desired prototype. Again, I don't know if the Dark Horse line of minis
was legal or not. The way I understood it was that the creator was
working on this as a 'next release', but things obviously fell through
and thus this single prototype (if that's what it really is).
	~ doc clarke 
	On Tue Aug 7 10:47 , "Grossmann, Gary (DOR)" sent:

		I alerted Mark to it and he decided to ignore it, which
I think makes sense since it's a one shot deal.   
		The price was ridicules.  $437 dollars for that
so-called prototype!  You could get a Groo Page for that!  Someone paid
over $400 for a 3.5" unauthorized Groo statue that comes in pieces.
		-Gary G. 
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			Im surprised that no one talked about this item
on ebay...

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