[Groop] Thread use, n stuff.

Jason M J Smith the_tsar at excite.com
Tue Aug 21 16:40:46 PDT 2007

Hey guys,
Just want to know how an email can be sent to the subject group, to become a thread, mine seem to start another subject. Any clues?
Anyone know some info on this ebay poster of Groo?
Where (if these exist) is the best place for original Groo comic art, done for Marvel?  What’s a going rate?
At least Groo is an easy search on Ebay, try looking for Queen (the band) merchandise and the like, end up with all the royal family, bed sheets, etc, it’s a nightmare to wade through.    Groo never seems to have anything else with it in the searches, unless they misspell groom etc.
Groo for running mate!  Did Bush err!?!
Cheers Guys.

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