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Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Tue Aug 21 16:57:55 PDT 2007


Any clues? 


I am Clueless.  (But then, you knew that!)  


Anyone know some info on this ebay poster of Groo?




It is one of 42 print package that Capital City (former Diamond
Distributor competitor) put out in 1989.  These days it is a hard find.


 Where (if these exist) is the best place for original Groo comic art,
done for Marvel? What's a going rate? 

You cannot get them.  Sergio hasn't sold one page.  He's only sold Image
and Dark Horse pages.  Those currently go for $400 but you pretty much
have to get them at a Convention that Sergio goes to. 


 -Gary G.  


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