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Fri Jun 1 09:10:19 PDT 2007

I¹m really not trying to be a snot about this, but there are only 16 pieces
to this puzzle, so logically, it shouldn¹t take more than 16 moves to
complete, and as shown by others, maybe less, as any fool can plainly see.


on 5/31/07 11:15 PM, Tone at Tone at moon-shine.net wrote:

>           I believe the puzzle generates a random tile mix each time a
> person visits the site, so the amount of moves each person does depends
> on just how scattered the tiles are positioned at the start. Basically,
> what this means is I WIN. with ONLY 40 moves! .and not even one was a
> boo-boo! Beat that!
> :-)
> _TONE_

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