[Groop] downloading e-groo

rage rage at goku.engr.ColoState.EDU
Wed Jun 13 08:13:56 PDT 2007

If you believe that downloading e-version of comics is wrong and believe that 
buying is the right way to go, but think that since you already have 
everything purchased you can download it for personal use, think that by 
downloading using a torrent program you are facilitating the download for 
others, because you are sharing your files as you download them. So in a way 
you are promoting the availability of an illegal version of Groo floating 
around the cyberspace.

Some people may argue that it (e-groo) gives more exposure to Groo and it will 
draw new fans that might eventually buy it, but that is a decision that 
Sergio, Mark et al. have to make (and I think they already made).

Jorge (Dr. Rage - Muah Muah Muah)


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