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John T comics230 at cox.net
Thu Jun 14 18:57:49 PDT 2007

I have a question. How much of Sergio's free convention art work ends up on
eBay? I don't check my Groo search daily, but most of the time I don't see
it. I think we (as a group) catch most of the stuff that goes up. How many
pieces does (or did) he do at an average show. I'm torn? I understand
Sergio's desire not to be exploited, but I really wonder if this is a real
problem. Stan has much the same problem with his free sketches and if you
look you will probably see Usagi comics in digital form. There is no perfect
system. Did Marvel stop their run of Groo because people were pirating Groo
comics? I do believe there is a problem in the music and motion picture
industries. They can get the exact item by downloading. I think the problem
with comics is people don't read them anymore. People don't "read" period.
I'm not saying selling the free art or pirating is right, but I think it's a
mole hill.  


I am sorry Sergio has decided to stop doing free sketches. I hope he


Of course, I can say that, because of Scott Hubbell, I got a Sergio and a
Stan Art Card from MotorCity. Thanks again Scott!  


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