[Groop] Sergio's Art Work.

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Actually, that is Steve, not Scott!  :)

>From: "John T" <comics230 at cox.net>
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>Subject: [Groop] Sergio's Art Work.
>Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 21:57:49 -0400
>I have a question. How much of Sergio's free convention art work ends up on
>eBay? I don't check my Groo search daily, but most of the time I don't see
>it. I think we (as a group) catch most of the stuff that goes up. How many
>pieces does (or did) he do at an average show. I'm torn? I understand
>Sergio's desire not to be exploited, but I really wonder if this is a real
>problem. Stan has much the same problem with his free sketches and if you
>look you will probably see Usagi comics in digital form. There is no 
>system. Did Marvel stop their run of Groo because people were pirating Groo
>comics? I do believe there is a problem in the music and motion picture
>industries. They can get the exact item by downloading. I think the problem
>with comics is people don't read them anymore. People don't "read" period.
>I'm not saying selling the free art or pirating is right, but I think it's 
>mole hill.
>I am sorry Sergio has decided to stop doing free sketches. I hope he
>Of course, I can say that, because of Scott Hubbell, I got a Sergio and a
>Stan Art Card from MotorCity. Thanks again Scott!
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