[Groop] A Groo Item Dessesbo Didn't Know About!!!

Grossmann, Gary (DOR) GaryG at DOR.WA.GOV
Fri Jun 29 14:20:02 PDT 2007

...and doesn't have!  And (gasp!) probably never will!  (Oh, the pain!)

Hi Folks!

I am shocked, amazed (and somewhat dismayed) to report that I have just
found out that there is a very rare and very old and very cool Groo item
that I not only do not have-with little chance of finding- but did not
even know about until yesterday. !?!?!?!

Apparently in 1986 the Groo Crew put out a Limited (to 250) Edition
Print, Hand Colored by Tom Luth. And I didn't know about it.  I don't
understand how I could go all this time and not hear about it, but there
you are.  (Excuse me a moment.  I'm hyperventilating)  

Raise you hand if you knew about this print.  (pause) 
OK, now raise your hand if you have one.  (And feel free to gloat and
make me green with envy!) 

Anywho, I found out about it at the Those Who Fear Groo fan forum, at  
http://feargroo.proboards2.com/index.cgi  which I have recently joined.

The forum is way cool and all sorts of really great Sergio art has been
posted on the various threads, so I would encourage you all to sign up.
Stan Sakai is a forum member and posts occasionally.  He is the one who
told me about the hand colored print. Mark also joined, but hasn't
posted and Scott Shaw! joined yesterday for a look see.   So come check
it out!

Well, bye for now.  I've got to go figure out how to find a 21 year old
print that has never shown up on ebay and never even come up in the
innumerable converstations I've had with folks, including the Groo Crew,
about cool and hard to find Groo items.  (There is probably one buried
in a Time Capsule with Christen's Groo buttons!)  

Take care all -Gary G. 

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