[Groop] Eric's Call To Action!!!

Owens, Gabriel R JO2/E-5, CNRC N00 gabriel.owens at navy.mil
Wed Mar 7 07:28:47 PST 2007

Being a professional Journalist (tm) and all, I could whip up a feature
article on Groo for solicitation.  Been wanting to do some writing non
work-related for a while. 


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Dark Horse also has a new Myspace page where they check their messages
What if we send them messages there inquiring about Groo books and the
25th anniversary?    
I say we bombard the Dark Horse message boards too.  Alot of the Dark
Horse Editors and Staff respond to us all the time there and they read
all of the posts. Let's bring all the Groo threads right to the top of
the forums with many posts.      
I've seen the Dark Horse May '07 solicitations and still no new Groo
books are being solicited but they are promoting the heck out of
Grendel's 25th anniversary.  Maybe Mark and Sergio pushed the Groo
anniversary plans for a Fall release???   Dark Horse could at least
re-issue the Epic/Trades in the meantime!!!  
There's about 200 Groop members Worldwide right?    Come over to the
boards!  Post any Groo thoughts and vote in the Groo poll.   It's easy
and fun!   There are only 36 votes on the poll so far!     Demand more
Groo and vote as much as you can!    Lurkers especially,  there is
strength among the vast numbers of lurkers here....
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grossfamm at comcast.net writes:

	Hi Folks!
	First, thank you all for your kind words.  (blush, blush)
	Second, Lary & Glorko are correct. Anyone who sends Eric hate
mail is a 
	really sick person.  It's one thing to disagree with a portion
of something 
	that he, or anyone, has said, like Dan did.  That's cool.  But
hate mail, 
	especially to someone like Eric, is just...well I don't know
what it is, but 
	it's not good! (As any fool can plainly see!)
	OK, most importnatly, Eric has put out a call to action!  And
he's right. 
	We need to do whatever we can to promote Groo.  I can't draw,
and I can't 
	make a website, (and my arm is too hairy for a tattoo to make
sense,) but I 
	can go to Dark Horse message boards and try to promote Groo
there.  I can 
	write an article (I didn't know that was an option, Eric.)
Maybe the Con 
	would want a scan of some rare Groo drawings that I have.  Maybe
not, but I 
	could find out.  And I know we have a lot of fine artists in the
Groop.  So 
	anyway, we should try and do something, cuz Eric is right.  Groo
is slipping 
	from the short memory of the comic reading public, we need to at
least try 
	and stop that dastardly trend, and the recognition of Groo's
	Anniversary at San Diego is the perfect oppurtunity.
	If anyone has any ideas that might take a Groop effort, let's
hear them!
	Take care all -Gary G.



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