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I'm in Wilmington, DE about an hour's drive (or 8 hour pedal) from York.  We 
have two or three good comic shops in this area which have a fair amount of 
Groo goodies.  Let me know when you move this way and I'll tell you about 
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> Tone,
> I was with you until the part about boxing up your girl friend...But
> anyway, Yes, I will take orders for the magnets, but the con is still 4
> 1/2 months away, so let's wait a couple or 3 more months.
> As for getting to San Diego, here are a couple things you might
> consider:
> 1. Get married, honeymoon in San Diego during Con week.
> 2. Move from New York to Pennsylvania in mid-July, take a wrong turn and
> end up in San Diego.
> 3. As I recall, you operate/work for a bicycle messenger service. So..a.
> Find someone who wants something delivered from New York to San Diego by
> bicycle, or b. Take a looooong bicycling trip in the name of keeping in
> shape for work.  Either way you get to deduct the cost as a business
> expense.
> Good luck!  -Gary G.
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> Hmmm, I came across an e-mail from Gary dated last year. In it
> he mentioned how Sergio still has a supply of two of the three magnets
> (no more Rufferto magnets). In this e-mail Gary also mentioned giving
> him a reminder next year for him to take orders and payment... because
> he is super nice and would get magnets for his fellow Groopies, who may
> not be able to attend.
> Is this still a possibility? If so, where do I send the check
> (or PayPal payment)!?
> :)
> Considering this will be the 25th anniversary of Groo, I REALLY
> want to go to the San Diego Comic Con, but unfortunately reality is not
> as pleasant. My girlfriend and I have been planning a move from New York
> City to York, PA, which would involve changing jobs and buying our first
> house, etc. A trip to San Diego does not exactly fit in financially. :~(
> I suppose I can not complain too much though. My girlfriend and
> I have also seriously discussed marriage... and she KNOWS about my love
> of Groo. I can not let that escape. Heck, maybe I should tie her up and
> keep her in a crate with my Groo collection so I know where all my
> precious possessions are. ;)
> By the way, are there any Groopies out there living in the York,
> PA area? _TONE_
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