[Groop] Magnets & stuff

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Wed Mar 7 14:50:25 PST 2007

	I do not know how hilly it is between York and Wilmington but
without a camping load I think I could make an hour's drive in 4-6
hours. Then again, considering I stopped messengering I might not be as
in shape as I have been. It certainly does not help either that my
girlfriend enjoys baking, as in cookies. :)
	Anyway, while I would most likely check out those comic shops
for fun, I would imagine they probably would not have Groo stuff I am in
the market for. I have a fairly complete collection. Who knows though,
maybe I can be surprised. :)
	I will definitely let you know if/when I am in the area. If I am
correct, I believe there might even be a rails-to-trails bike-way from
the York area into Delaware. Do you know if there is such a bike-way
over/into/near Wilmington?
	Thank Alex,

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