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best of luck.  $70 for a poster is out of my current motivational
range for Groo.

On 3/7/07, Nacho Ortiz <nacho at meristation.com> wrote:
> Hi all!
> Thanks for your message Tone, I'm bidding in one of them :)
> Greetings from Spain!
> n.
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> I know I recently wrote to the Groop about two eBay auctions,
> one for a larger Groo Siege poster and one for the Groo Game. However
> with all the chatter in the Groop about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con
> and apparent hate mail, I already forgot exactly which eBay Siege Poster
> auction I posted. In any case I came across ANOTHER Groo Siege poster! I
> know how difficult it is to find these, so I figured some Groopies on
> the list might want to get an extra shot at bidding on a Poster...
> especially if that might mean they would not be bidding against a fellow
> Groopie.
> Anyway, here are the two Groo Siege Poster auctions on eBay:
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