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Fri Mar 9 13:31:39 PST 2007

very cool idea....also if anybody has any more Groo fan  artwork,  it'd be 
cool to see more on the Dark Horse fan art threads  too.   a lot of the ones on 
there already are pretty damn cool  looking!
I can't remember but did someone in the Groop mention that Groo is  getting 
the cover to the San Diego Con program this  year?    
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rage at engr.colostate.edu writes:

I don't  draw very well, but I am going to try. One thing that we could 
do, is to  have a theme to some of  the drawings. We can draw groo in 
historical  events of the last 25 years. The obvious one  I can think of 
right  now is the Berlin wall falling down, and a "Did I err?" groo in 
the  corner, wondering. My mind is blank right now, I will think of other 
not  so obvious  ideas.

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