[Groop] Comic Con Submissions

Jorge Filevich rage at engr.colostate.edu
Fri Mar 9 18:51:45 PST 2007

It is not good to answer my own e-mail, but I thought of 3 more 
accidents. It might not be funny (or very PC) because there were people 
dying. But Groo was present in both space shuttle accidents and in 
Chernobyl and in the Exxon Valdez oil spill....

Jorge Filevich wrote:
> I don't draw very well, but I am going to try. One thing that we could 
> do, is to have a theme to some of  the drawings. We can draw groo in 
> historical events of the last 25 years. The obvious one  I can think of 
> right now is the Berlin wall falling down, and a "Did I err?" groo in 
> the corner, wondering. My mind is blank right now, I will think of other 
> not so obvious ideas.
> Jorge
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