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Chris Schechner cschechner at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 10 20:21:29 PST 2007

on 3/10/07 3:30 PM, Tone at Tone at moon-shine.net wrote:

> Chris,
>           Happy to have happied you up a bit. However the humor is in
> fact all just a ploy of my own to distract Gary into going along with my
> distribution plan. Do not spill the beans to him (Besides, I have heard
> beans are the other form of gas, and these days gas seems to be getting
> more and more pricey),
>           I am not sure how to take your statement about "although
> probably not from the appropriate places". are you laughing with me of
> at me?! :-( You do know the difference, right?

Depends. Are you laughing?

 .and make sure you answer
> with your inside voice. Your outside voice might wake up Gary and make
> him notice my underlying intent.
>           You know, maybe my recent spat of bizarroness (Please do not
> confuse with "spat on baroness." That would clearly be disrespectful,
> especially considering she's nobility and all) is because I actually
> have been skimming through my extra copies of Groo. In trying to scan
> through them to get some ideas for SD Comic Con fan art submissions, I
> think some of that intellitoxification has perhaps had an effect on me.
> I think my mental health now falls on Gary. If Gary is truly a nice guy
> he will abandon the multiple tasks of distributing those Dark Horse
> Insiders, and instead retake the role of intellitoxification absorber
> for us all. He just has to leave enough floating around so others will
> be just confused enough to buy Groo.
> _TONE_
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