[Groop] Double Good News Today!

Myron K. Crandall myroncrandall at comcast.net
Wed Mar 21 14:19:44 PDT 2007

I can always leave them in the hotel for the really good parties!!! Or, send
them off to Disney Land with the wife.


<big grin>




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>>I am looking towards heading to San Diego's Comic Con!  I hope to see you
all out there!  Can you say PARTY?  Most likely my wife and 7 kids will be
there with me.<<

Looks like both Dick's Last Resort and TGIF are out.... Maybe have a Groop
Pizza Party out on the balcony?? Or walk over to the little park if the PTBs
at the convention center make that impossible??



Proudly marching to a different kettle of fish


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