[Groop] Double Good News Today!

Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Thu Mar 22 14:31:29 PDT 2007

            I have not got married just yet, though my girl and I did
pick up our marriage license today. We should be hitched in less than a
month. I am still working on her about San Diego. I REALLY want to go,
but reality might dictate the necessities of other things involved with
moving, finding an appropriate place to live, and both acquiring new
jobs, etc. Maybe I will get lucky by then and NOT be able to find a job,
which might otherwise restrict scheduling the con into my calendar. :-)
            By the way, I got the poster you sent me today! Yippee.
Thanks SO much. You're the best. Although I must say you are way too
much a rebel. You STILL did not send me any extras, even at least a
second one for me to send on to just Yodazone as originally planned.
(You did send him one yourself, right?). Way too nice, Gary! ;)
            I like Gary's idea of the octopus. Kids swirling all around
you would certainly flow pretty close to how an octopus moves. When Gary
suggested the octopus I also thought of the mythical serpent-like beast
Hercules killed, the Hydra. Unfortunately that has 9 heads, not seven.
Of course you could use that to your advantage by having each head able
to detach. as if in mid slaying. Meanwhile your wife, who would have a
designated head herself, could be on an errand getting food or walking
one of your kids to the bathroom, etc. If you do not know much about the
Hydra, you should definitely know that each time attempted slayers would
cut off one head the Hydra would grow back two heads in its place.
Hercules was able to kill it by cauterizing the necks as he cut off the
heads. Maybe you could even make it interactive by inviting new-found
friends at the con to become a head. I am not sure how exactly you would
go about being able to detach & re-attach heads. Perhaps with Velcro, or
even red ribbon (the red ribbon might actually look similar to blood
spurts too) you could tie and untie, etc.
            When I told my girl about Gary's octopus idea she liked it,
but offered another suggestion of a caterpillar or snake. You could also
just go with a spider with one missing leg, and say some little geeky
comic kid had done experimenting with you by ripping one of your legs
off. Maybe your wife could keep hold of the eighth leg. or flip it
around and she would be the spider (since it sounds like she would b
looking after the kids more) while the children would be the legs, and
you could be that evil freaky-geeky kid from next door. Either way if
you do make a costume involving your whole family in time for the con,
you could obviously certainly use it for the upcoming Halloween! Never
loose another limb too!
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