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and in the numbers section....since the third row of numbers is 1982 (birth  
of Groo) then maybe the fourth set of numbers could be 2007 to highlight the 
25  years of Groo....??
the numbers at the end are the ones that could be changed  anyway.   is the 
"1982" number staying on  there?    
the artwork on a silver card would look slick!!!!    great  idea to celebrate 
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I like  this idea, too- I'm good with either Orange or Silver, although if 
it's  Silver, it'd be nice to have some line to the effect of "25 years of  
cheese-dip jokes" or something.


Gary  Grossmann <grossfamm at comcast.net> wrote:  
Hey Folks!
Shawn just had a really cool sounding  idea.  What would everyone think if 
the Groop membership cards were in  Silver Anniversary of Groo Silver, instead 
of Groo Tunic Orange?   

I'd have to check, but I might be able to get  all the cards made on silver, 
or at least the silver/gray that passes for  silver on credit cards.  I think 
the main thing is they have to be on  one color card.  (Last time they did me 
a favor and made a few gold  cards for the Groo Crew and Josh.)  
In a way, it makes sense, for obvious reasons,  and in a way it doesn't 
because it's not the silver anniversary of the  Groop.  However, Groo is what we 
are all about.
Anywho, what do you think?  And  would folks who didn't order the card this 
time around want to order one if  it were Silver Anniversary Silver?   
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