[Groop] T-Shirt Heaven (& Deadline)

Gary Grossmann grossfamm at comcast.net
Sat May 19 11:02:57 PDT 2007


Sorry, but which Scott are you?  Scot Sutor also got a hold of me late. 
I'll see what I can do.

-Gary G.

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> sigh...  what T-shirt project??  Can you send me the artwork??  Too late 
> for an XXL for me??  Guessing I am too late as I am not sure which sunday 
> you meant.
> -- Scott
> Saturday, May 12, 2007, 1:13:33 PM, you wrote:
> GG> Hi Folks!
> GG> Gary Bishop sent me a proof of the shirt.  It's gonna be on black 
> shirt,
> GG> which is way cool!  I'm not sure if its posted at the Motor City web 
> site
> GG> I tried to send it, but it wouldn't go through because of our size
> GG> restrictioon.  If anyone wants to see it, just e-mail me.
> GG> Also, I can take orders until Sunday afternoon.  Gary has told me he 
> will
> GG> fill our entire order.  A couple of you have asked if sending a check 
> is OK.
> GG> Yeah, that's fine, although paypal is preferable. The better to have 
> the
> GG> money to pay Gary.
> GG> Thanks everyone for responding so quickly.  It made it much easier to
> GG> convince Gary to sell us the shirts!
> GG> Take care all -Gary G.

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