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I guess what I was trying to say was if you ask for a free autograph or sketch, I 
would hope it is for yourself.  Profiting off a persons generosity will make
them leery of rewarding true fans.  If something is signed or drawn or painted or
whatever for a price, then at least the artist/athlete/author is aware of the sale
and profiting from it.  I'm not saying that by purchasing something you are not
a true fan, but at least respect that person by telling them your true intentions.
When Brett Favre is paid for an autograph session, he knows the dealers are
going to then sell the merchandise, but at least he has authorized it and been
compensated for it.  When I had access to famous athletes, I always let them
know what was for my own enjoyment and what was for sale (I often asked them
what they thought was a fair price for the items).  One of the main reasons I
had for leaving the business was having to make money off of kids.  When I
was young, I collected for the enjoyment, trying to complete sets of cards.
After I entered the business side, I would watch kids open packs of cards
and immediately look for the price guide and say "what's it worth."  I can't tell 
you how many times kids would try to trade me valuable cards for packs
worth nothing.  I was too nice to be a dealer.  There's a Grooism for you.
          Anyway, It's like the merchandise, if Mark, Stan, and Sergio don't
want it  done, or aren't getting paid for it, I wouldn't be interested.  However,  if someone
would like to part with one of those fine looking jackets, shirts, or hats..............

Wayne S
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