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Fri May 25 23:18:40 PDT 2007

The Comics Buyer's Guide monthly is starting to run a  new feature in their 
magazine called "The Groo Retroviews" where they will be  giving a separate 
review to each individual issue of Groo!!   
Each CBG issue will feature reviews of all the Groo issues until  the entire 
run is covered.     There's about 14 to 16 issues  of Groo covered per "Groo 
Retroview" and it's going to be spread out to  about 8 to 10 issues in the CBG 
monthly magazine.   
There's also going to be coverage for Groo's 25th Anniversary in an  upcoming 
issue sometime this Summer or early  Fall.     Good stuff!     Hopefully Groo 
 will get the cover treatment in upcoming issues!!!!!
The Groo Retroviews just started in the CBG #1631 (August  2007 cover-dated 
issue) which should be still be available in  comic stands now.    Local comic 
shops can re-order them  from Diamond too if they sold out of their issues.   
If anybody wants  to subscribe so they don't miss an issue,  Amazon.com has a 
good deal for  $29.95 for a CGB subscription here:
Here's a quick pic of Sergio and Stan from the Motor City con  that got 
posted in the CBGXtra forums:
Only 8 1/2 weeks for New Groo!!!!!!!!!!!     yeeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
I haven't seen this much Groo action  since......uhhhhhh.......ever!!!!!!!

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