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Tone Tone at moon-shine.net
Fri Sep 14 13:07:56 PDT 2007

            I have not checked e-mail in two days and I come back to 64
Groop messages! Sheesh!
            I guess this is what happens when people wait years for new
            Great photos of your 25th Anniversary Special shopping
spree. :-)
            I did not actually help Sergio man his booth, but I did hang
out with him in his both for a little while and I assisted him somewhat
by standing near his table and keeping count on his line size before
reminding him of his panel. That was only on Saturday and I could only
stick around until 4pm or so before my long bike ride back home, so
anytime after that it could not have been me. I am pretty sure the
Convention worker/volunteer, who I fetched to cover Sergio's booth while
he was at his panel, was not a Groop member.
            I just moved to York, PA from New York City back in June, so
that should explain why you did not know there was a Groopie in York.
            Did you take a look at any of the photos of my bicycle?
Since it is a converted cargo bike, it is practically just as big as a
Harley! In fact I sometimes get funny looks from motorcyclists here.
            I do not even have a driver's license, so I do not think the
cops would be pleased with me riding a Harley around. By the way for
those of you unfamiliar to York, the Harley Davidson motor cycle company
has its headquarters and factory here, which should explain the
            I have not been to any train shows here in York, but just
this past week I did go to the York Fair, which is the oldest running
fair in the United States. It is still going on until this Sunday in
case anyone is interested and lives relatively close by.
            Uhm, forgive my ignorance. but why would I have any
sketches, Groo or otherwise, on my rubber pants, Gene? For that matter,
why would I have rubber pants? :-) I have waterproof cycling gear, but
rubber pants are quite different.
            Thanks for pointing those close up book case images. It is
great to see the Groo crew acknowledging its hardcore fans. That is
            I know how you feel about getting left out of photos and
stuff. Back in NYC, when I was a bike messenger and very much involved
with volunteer work in the organization of cycle couriers I hardly ever
showed up in group photos. Occasionally when I went to other countries
for messenger events I was lucky enough to show up in a couple of
photos, but obviously it required a trip out of the USA to get some
recognition. :-)
            As far as I can tell from those "bionic eye" images Steve
has posted, my name was also not included, so do not feel too left out.
Of course, there is the word/name "BONE" in that last panel book case,
so perhaps that was a communication error in relaying my nickname of
"Tone." Either way, considering how many Groopies there are, we can not
get on Sergio & Mark's case about not including every member. Sergio can
only draw/write so small. :-)
            Considering Sergio's last name was technically the first
that should have appeared in the list of artists at the Baltimore Comic
Convention, perhaps that is why his name got cut out of the convention
floor map.
            Enough said, although I have not forgotten about the second
part of my Baltimore report.
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