[Groop] Groo Ride

elisiaone at iwon.com elisiaone at iwon.com
Wed Apr 30 09:36:50 PDT 2008

Universal joining Dark Horse could mean a Groo ride is around the corner at Universal Studios, Orlando.  What would a Groo ride be called and look like?  I think "The Groo" would suffice, but perhaps "Dueling Swords" (like the popular "Dueling Dragons" ride, but instead of dragons the cars would form Groo's two swords slaying through the tracks and dragons) or "The Cheese Dipper" (cheese dip would replace water in this splash ride) might work.  It would have to be a roller coaster.  Although I could imagine "It's a Groo World" (after all).  Harry Potter is going to have a whole park unto himself soon in the Orlando area.  Imagine Groo Land!

Eli Stamp the Wanderer
The only thing to fear, is Groo himself!


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