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 The most popular ride is "The Fray!"
"Tilt-a-mulch"? How about "Mendicant Mayhem" roller coaster?
People would pray the rides would break down so that they actually survive the day. 

"Miserum alveus de spuma et improbitas"

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> Universal joining Dark Horse could mean a Groo ride is
> around the corner at Universal Studios, Orlando.  What
> would a Groo ride be called and look like?  I think
> "The Groo" would suffice, but perhaps
> "Dueling Swords" (like the popular "Dueling
> Dragons" ride, but instead of dragons the cars would
> form Groo's two swords slaying through the tracks and
> dragons) or "The Cheese Dipper" (cheese dip would
> replace water in this splash ride) might work.  It would
> have to be a roller coaster.  Although I could imagine
> "It's a Groo World" (after all).  Harry
> Potter is going to have a whole park unto himself soon in
> the Orlando area.  Imagine Groo Land!
> Eli Stamp the Wanderer
> The only thing to fear, is Groo himself!
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