[Groop] Groo Crew coming to my town - what to do?

groo promethea at kc.rr.com
Thu Aug 21 23:43:32 PDT 2008

Of course, I'll try to get whatever I can for the groop - exactly how best
to do that is another question... Suggestions?

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Are you taking requests for us unfortunates who can't attend? I know I would
love to get a convention flyer or poster (especially if it features similar
art showcasing the Groo Crew's presence, like what is shown on the
convention web-site) signed by Sergio, Mark, Stan, and Tom. 




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Subject: [Groop] Groo Crew coming to my town - what to do?

Just happened to find a mention that my town [KC] still has an occasional
Comic Con, and, who should be featured but our own dream team?

Question is, what do I do now?

I've been in the COMICON "not driving" carpool sooooo long, I'm not sure
what one actually does at these things ... Do I need to have my legs
surgically altered to pencil-thinness and hunt down a blue VCR tape and go
in costume?  Do I bring every item I own for signature or just hover
creepily around Sergio's booth?  Do I move all my kin to the highest ground
in the event the state sinks? Stock up on cheesedip? Is there a Groo fanboy
FAQ somewhere?    HELP!

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