[Groop] Groo Crew coming to my town - what to do?

Larry Steller mrgrooism at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 09:25:03 PDT 2008

I'd bring a couple of items that you would like autographed. A STACK of items is considered rude. IMMEDIATELY identify yourself as being from the Groop,too! Otherwise, I end to stand aside while others get autographs,and save my chatting for whenthere is no one waiting for him. Offer to get him something to drink, too, Sergio can always use a break. 
In general, don't be TOO doting, just be friendly, the Groo Crew definitely appreciated people who are friendly without being aggressively so. As much as we tease Gary, one reason Sergio and Maek get along so well with him is that he treats them as people, as FRIENDS, not as gods. That is always appreciated.
That's actually good advice for meeting ANY famous people. "Don't be scary' LOL!!!

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Of course, I'll try to get whatever I can for the groop - exactly how best
to do that is another question... Suggestions?

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Are you taking requests for us unfortunates who can't attend? I know I
love to get a convention flyer or poster (especially if it features similar
art showcasing the Groo Crew's presence, like what is shown on the
convention web-site) signed by Sergio, Mark, Stan, and Tom. 




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Subject: [Groop] Groo Crew coming to my town - what to do?

Just happened to find a mention that my town [KC] still has an occasional
Comic Con, and, who should be featured but our own dream team?

Question is, what do I do now?

I've been in the COMICON "not driving" carpool sooooo long,
I'm not sure
what one actually does at these things ... Do I need to have my legs
surgically altered to pencil-thinness and hunt down a blue VCR tape and go
in costume?  Do I bring every item I own for signature or just hover
creepily around Sergio's booth?  Do I move all my kin to the highest ground
in the event the state sinks? Stock up on cheesedip? Is there a Groo fanboy
FAQ somewhere?    HELP!

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