[Groop] Defending DeFuccio's Hiers

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You guys make some good points, but I do not think they are on point.  I
guess I should have clarified that I wasn't talking about the random
sketches.  I'm talking about the letters and other obviously private
correspondence between Sergio and his long time friend and associate
that have original artwork on them.  

Of course the DeFucci's can do anything they want with these things.
They belong to them.  But this is not original artwork as such that was
a gift or purchased by Jerry DeFuccio.  It is not a book collection or
artwork accumulated by some fan.  It is a lot of private correspondence
between two friends and the only reason anyone would want to buy it is
because it has artwork by a famous cartoonist.  A famous cartoonist who
is still alive.  And since it is private correspondence and since Sergio
is still alive, it is my ever so humble opinion that the appropriate
thing to do would have been to contact Sergio.   

Gary G. 

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--- On Wed, 8/27/08, John T <comics230 at cox.net> wrote:

> As a part time dealer, I've been to lots of estate sales. Most of time

> collections are 'picked through' by the family.
> They usually keep the pieces
> that they fondly remember or are extremely valuable. ..

Good points, John.

Gary, can you imagine if everyone who wished to sell a piece of original
artwork contacted the original artist, in many case artists-plural
(penciller, inker, colorist) to get permission first? Do you really
imagine these artists would want to be constantly bothered by fans
calling them all the time for stuff like this? It's a very unreasonable

I would imagine that even Sergio, close as he is to his fans, would NOT
want me calling him up to ask if it's okay to sell a sketch I
commissioned because I'm having trouble paying the rent. He'd probably
say "you bought it, it's yours to sell" (which IS correct, even of
gifts), but would he want the intrusion into his life, especially often?

I know you are very protective of Sergio, your heart is in the right
place, but Gary, I believe strongly that it is wrong to criticize
someone for merely selling what IS RIGHTLY theirs to sell.

-Larry "mrgrooism" Steller, Master Mendicant 

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