[Groop] Defending DeFuccio's Hiers

Tone at moon-shine.net Tone at moon-shine.net
Thu Aug 28 10:51:23 PDT 2008

It has been a while since I posted anything to the Groop. I have just  
barely been lurking because my wife and I finally bought our first  
house at the end of July. The house is new to us, but it was built in  
the 1930s, so we have been doing lots of work to it, painting, and  
gradually moving everything in all through August. We are still in the  
process of moving and fixing things up at the house, but I have a few  
minutes at work right now to sneak in a message to the Groop.  
Regardless, the whole process has been exhausting and over the past  
two weeks I have often only gotten 3 or less hours of sleep during the  
weekdays, and never getting more than five on weeknights. This is  
partially because, on top of everything else going on, my wife had a  
minor fall and has to use crutches. That means I have to carry  
everything and do all the hard labor. I do not drive, but fortunately  
her good leg is the one, which pushes the pedals in the minivan. Also,  
she can still paint, which is good since I dislike painting.

Oh, and before anyone mentions it... I have not yet moved my Groo  
collection to the house. The bulk of it is still back in my old  
bedroom at my mom's apartment back in New York. Therefore I do not  
believe Groo's bad luck rubbed off on us. :)

Speaking of Groo collections and getting back on topic, in terms of  
having my collection getting inherited when I pass on, I am pretty  
sure I know what my wishes would be for it all. First, my wife would  
have the option of reading and keeping it all of course. However, even  
though she enjoys an occasional Groo read, I can not picture her being  
as Groo-centric as I am. Therefore I know I would want her to try to  
sell it off to true fans.

The best way I can think of to do this would be for her to get in  
touch with Gary and have everything sent to him. Once it is in Gary's  
possession I would ask Gary (meaning now because later I would be dead  
and that would be really freaky as well as beyond even  
Groo-fanaticism) to sell off my collection to who ever he feels would  
appreciate it most. The money made would then return to my wife, BUT  
in order to compensate Gary for his troubles, Gary would get to keep  
at least the Groo sketch card I have, and finally have one of his own  
for his collection.
Also, I would want Gary to give the "Felt" soft-sculpture of Groo &  
Rufferto, which my wife made, as a gift to Sergio. That is -IF- my  
wife would be willing to give it away after she put so much work into  

Moral - It would be a shame to see something, which has given someone  
great pleasure over the years, become lost or hoarded away after a  
person's death if others can go on to enjoy it.

As it is I also want my organs and entire body to be donated for  
transplants and science. Anything else, which can not be used by sick  
people or science, I would want to be turned into mulch! :)
How is that for recycling and being "Green?"

Actually if it was legal, it would be nice to have my body parts sold  
off so my death could at least financially benefit my wife rather than  
be more of a burden than it would normally be.
In that line of thinking though, should my wife be expected to get  
both my mom and dad's permission to sell my anatomy, or perhaps she  
would need to ask my only sister if my parent's have passed away as  
well? :)
Just to clarify... I am not trying to be a butt-head in response to  
this topic thread. I am just attempting to be morbidly/sarcastically  
amusing. Maybe the three hours of sleep last night and only the two  
the night before is having a twisted effect on me. :) For any of those  
offended, you should definitely not take me serious at all right now.

Take care everyone, I hope to SOMEDAY be able to keep up with the  
Groop once again... if my new home ever decides to free me from its  
repair jobs. :)

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