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Which just goes to show you should never, ever throw anything away because there is some lunatic out there who will pay $100 for it in 25 years :-)

I don't know if any of you read 2000AD but there was a Judge Dredd story where he meets the Junk God - a man who owns the old landfills from the 20th C. The Junk God is a billionaire because collectors in MC1 pay through the nose for old toasters, hub caps, etc.

Unfortunately my other half doesn't see it that way...

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Groo Coup!!
Hi Folks!

About 6 months ago, a Groo item I had never seen or heard of before popped up on ebay.  It was a parochial Anime Fanzine from the early 80's with a Groo sketch used as a cover.  (Groo being chased by a monster robot..  The magazine was CFO Magazine, Vol. II, No. 3. 

I figured it would go for $25-$30 (afterall, it was a sketch, not a full blown drawing)  But I put in a bid much, much higher than that and much to my surprise, I was outbid!  And I thought, well, at least I jacked the price way up on the guy. (Harumphh!)  Then it turned out that the other guy was a Groopie; our own Anil!  (Oops! Sorry Anil!)  

Naturally, I immediately launched into Search Mode.  I mean, heck, how hard could it be to track down a 25 year old fanzine produced by a fledgling local Anime fan club?  Well, it was a little tough.  But a few weeks ago I struck pay dirt and actually tracked down a mint copy.  Yay!  I also managed to get one for Yoda, my faithful partner in crime.  

Now if I could just find one of those Groo Buttons that Chriten made for the 1988 San Diego convention…

Take care all,

Gary G.  

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