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John T comics230 at cox.net
Wed Dec 10 18:32:45 PST 2008

When I write I tend to skip words. It is actually a form of Dyslexia.
Usually it only gets me trouble when I leave out the word 'not'. 

However, Tone, you're making my point. 

Are you a bike messenger in New York any more? No, you left. Even the bag
the dispatcher use is the type you prefer. I am suspicious.  Obviously,
there were not any Groo drawing in the book.  

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*John & Neil,
*	... I can tell you from my past professional experience as a
*bike messenger that the bike messenger was not in this week's episode of
*Heroes. :)
*	Technically the bike messenger, who was given the sketch book to
*by the comic visionary, was not actually in this weeks episode. In this
*weeks episode that bike messenger's dispatcher was on the show.
*Apparently the original bike messenger, who was given the sketch book,
*left it in his locker at work then stopped working at that courier
*company. The dispatcher eventually found it and kept it for himself in
*the company's safe.
*	When the "heroes" arrived looking for it, the dispatcher (who is
*obviously a dispatcher because most professional bike messengers ride so
*much they can not keep much weight on them, unlike the dispatcher), the
*dispatcher took off on a bike with the sketch book in a messenger bag
*("Chrome" brand messenger bag I might add, which I prefer). The super
*fast "Nemesis" chick did not really have to be all that fast to catch up
*to that dispatcher. :)
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