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1 - You mean these guys are still making Groos ? Damn, like I really gotta leave Saudi Arabia and find me a comic shop .....

2 - Personally it all went downhill after the secret messages left the series. While I appreciate the additional time involved with that is a pressure cooker on already heavy work/family schedules for Sergio and Mark I really miss em. Last time I got new Groos, I read em, then went back later and read em again looking for secret messages, because I reckon that if Mark and Sergio maintained for 15 odd years that there were no messages BUT there were - now that would be funny.

The stories in 4 parters, are better for this day and age. Sergio and Mark can commit to a 4 parter as there schedules permit and get it published which is more Groo for us, whereas the standalones would not get done as a regular run is not what our fave people are in to these days. I do like the extra scope that the 4 parter allows for, and each one is like collecting a new set of Groo, with a new #1 issue - I think there's a tired gag of Marks on that topic somewhere ...

While casual rewading of the back issues means that stand alone comics have better appeal, as you can just pick 1 up and read it and be done, but sales are not made on back issue re-reading by fans who ALREADY own em, a 4 parter allows for the reader to be drawn into the plot and be interested to buy the next issue - especially if it is a max of 4 issues. (Someone tell that idea to the X-Men publishers - sheesh !!!)

Quality of the stories told now are as good as ever, quality of the printable palettes available now is higher so we get better images I reckon.

What Pirates ?

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  I've got some questions for some of you fine folks. I realize that ME is a part of the list, which is great... but it seems there are certain things we don't discuss here because of his presence. Perhaps he can skip this thread altogether.
  1. I'm wondering what some of your actual opinions are regarding the quality of the Groo stories since the guys moved to Dark Horse. Compared in particular to the Epic run. Am I the only one who sees them as heavy handed and not as fun as "classic" Groo?
  2. How do you rate the 4-part stories against the old stand alone issues? What are the plusses/minuses of either format?


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