[Groop] Mighty Magnor

David Portela david at portela.com
Mon Feb 4 15:31:05 PST 2008

At 12:00 PM -0800 2/4/08, groop-request at groo.com wrote:
>ME: Not exactly.  Sergio did the Magnor drawing for an auction at San
>Diego one year.  Then the guy who bought it colored and added his own
>background and makes it sound like a collaborative work.  All Sergio
>did was draw the main figure and he didn't know about all the other
>stuff until he saw the drawing in an auction.

Interesting, I wonder if he put this on his resumé...

"Collaborated extensively on art with Sergio Aragonés"

Probably not. That would have led them to look up 
Sergio, which in turn would have led them to 
Groo...and upon finding that, all hope of 
employment would have been lost.


	- David

P.S. Hi, I'm new to the list!

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