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Mon Feb 18 18:19:57 PST 2008

Hi Folks!

Well, in addition to the hat stuff, I thought I would send a combined post, primarily to make completely pointless, dated comments on other Groop posts from the past month.  So have that delete key ready!

This week is a little odd for me because I am home alone.  Completely alone.  The Long Suffering Mrs. G. & my mother-in-law, who lives with us, are in New Orleans on a little mission trip and Claire even arranged to have her dogs with her on campus for a few days.  So it's just me and my Groo collection.  Very strange.  Perhaps not safe.  For the neighborhood. 

Ryan, sorry to hear about your toxic bedroom.  I hope all the drying and fungus/germ/god-knows-what-else killing is done and everything is fixed.  Same for Eli and his leaking house.  ME had a similar issue when his upstairs plumbing went bad and his kitchen became a bio hazard.  (Of course, since I am doing my own cooking this week, my kitchen is now a biohazard.)  We had a leak in the roof.  Fortunately, it was in the part of the roof over the garage. Unfortunately, examination revealed the entire roof needed to be replaced.  Oh, well, Claire didn't need that senior year of college...

And then Larry sank a bus!  Why does this not surprise me?  Obviously, there are too many Groo comics and not enough Rufferto Talisman's around.    (By the way Larry, I don't care how good it tastes, that cake is disgusting!)  

I have not, and will not, list everyone who has had a Groo Gram printed.  What kind of crazed wacko do you think I am?  However...I did count them all one time.  Not counting Hell On Earth, there have been 966 letters printed in Groo Grams.  So maybe in Groo vs. Conan, assumming that has a Groo Grams, Mark will crack the 1000 barrier.  

btw, There were never any Grooism Certificates sent out.  Unless Mark did it and didn't tell anyone.  Besides, if there were such certificates, Larry could paper his walls with them.     

I was going to say something about the gas emmissions of belching cows, but well, what else can you say?  You don't think Sergio would just make up something like that do you?  Ok, maybe he would.  But anywho, I guess it's a last resort argument the militant vegans can pull out.  (Or is it vegetarian? I can never keep that straight.)  

On the Custom Bound Groo comics, I didn't have a chance to check, but I bet any of us could find a bindery to do it for a reasonable price. And we would even spell Sergio's name correctly! I think Sergio has a number done up very nicely, but I may be remembering incorrectly.  He had something bound by a guy in Mexico who has since past away and Sergio is looking for someone to do as good a job     My concern would be cutting off the artwork where it's bound and also not being able to get the full effect of the splash pages.  I wish they would start up the reprints of the old Groos!    We at least have to get up through #86, after which they were printed on nice paper.  

Speaking of reissues, Groo: The Game will never be reissued.  Sergio owned the art, of course.  But Ken Whitman owned the "mechanics" of the game and when he went bankrupt they ended up in the hands of Steve Jackson.  For whatever reason, a reissue of the Groo Game by SJG wasn't in the cards and the last I heard Jackson was going to apply the mechanics to a different set of characters. I'm not a gamer, so I don't know if that happened.  Sometimes things just don't work out the way you hope they will...

And, Yes, I have that yellow Dallas Fantasy Fair poster.  And I got a couple for a few other Groopies as well.  How I got them is one my most bizarre collection stories. No time for that here.  

Finally (yay!)  it does seem rather odd that the biggest Groo fan in the known universe (and beyonnnnddddd!!!)  is involved in analyzing and even drafting (gasp!) state tax laws. But let's face it, it's rather odd that said person can hold a job of any kind, not to mention stay married for 31 years.  But suffice to say that many, many  state legislators make Groo look smart and so perhaps in some bizarre way it all makes sense. 

Anywho, I hope everyone is enjoying HOE.  I know I am!  Buy many, many copies!  

Take care all

Gary G.  

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