[Groop] CBG Fan Awards nominations...Vote "Groo" until March 1st!

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Mon Feb 25 14:50:42 PST 2008

Hey Groo-fans!    
  The "Comic Buyers Guide Fan Awards" ballots  are still open to cast votes 
for "Groo" until this  Saturday, March 1st.   
Groo qualifies for "CBG Fan Awards" this  year since the "Groo 25th 
Anniversary Special" and  "Groo: Hell  on Earth #1 & 2"  came out in  2007.    Now's 
the time to nominate Groo and the entire  "Groo Crew" (for best artist, writer,  
letterer, Inker, colorist...) creators for CBG Fan Awards!!!!
For anyone who hasn't had a chance to vote yet,  here's  the link to cast 
nominating ballots:
Here are the categories:
Favorite Comic-Book Editor 
Favorite Comic-Book Writer  
Favorite Comic-Book Penciller 
Favorite Comic-Book Inker 
Favorite  Comic-Book Colorist 
Favorite Comic-Book Letterer 
Favorite Comic-Book  Artist 
Favorite Comic-Book Story (arc or individal issue) 
Favorite Comic  Book (series or mini-series) 
Favorite Original Graphic Novel or Album (no  reprints) 
Favorite Comic-Book Character 
Favorite Comic-Book Publishing  Company
Vote Groo!!!   It'd be great if Groo sweeps all  the categories!    >=)

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