[Groop] Groop Digest, Vol 60, Issue 28

F.M. Stobbe treetop_91601 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 22:37:51 PST 2008

I have seen lots of fake Groo and even one fake Mighty
Magnor stauettes in my time.  I even had Sergio sign a
package of miniture figureens from the model company
Dark Horse (Not affliated with Dark Horse Comics!). 
I'll never forget, he looked at the package, sighed
and a very passive yet regrettable voice said, "I
never got paid for these".  Some fan tribute items I
have seen were done in good taste and the builder did
not profit from the making of these art items, but I
hate when someone else makes these things sound
genuine Argones and sell them for profit.  Please buy
from the Senor!

By the way I had a Grooism moment the other day.  I
Coundn't find the memory card for my student's camera.
 After tearing apart my desk, backpack and worktable,
I announced to my fifth grade students that I had lost
their memory card and pictures of their projects which
they were to use for group reports. After finishing my
apology one of these ten-year olds raised his hand and
asked, "Did you check the camera bag?"  Sure enough
their it was!
Thanks for reading. 

F.M. Stobbe
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> (not) Mark  Show
>       (Tom Albitz)
> Looks like I won the statue.
> I personally feel that these non endorsed items, add
> to the atmosphere
> that was/is Groo. (like fake coins have a place in
> collectors hearts)
> The fact it isn't endorsed, yet alot of effort has
> been expended to make
> this item, means to me that it is worth something.
> I won it  for 22 bucks.
> Lets hope it doesn't get lost in the mail.
> Cheers all /   Jason
> Looks like nothing I have seen yet, so I assume it
> is a backyard one?
> Or is it not?

> Cheers 
> Jason

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