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A documentary based on Sergio is a great idea.  I've only seen  the Stan 
Lee/Sergio "Comic Greats" interview video from the early  '90s.  Sergio is long 
overdue to get a documentary  special.   He's a legend!    
Seeing some behind the scenes video on his writing  and drawing/inking of 
Groo would be great to see.  With an  interactive DVD/video tour of Sergio's 
studio too!   Or a visit  to the MAD offices in New York.  
I'd also go for a Sergio Reality tv show too.   With cameos  of the "Groo 
Crew" thrown in there as well.   
Bring it!      
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Has anyone attempted to do a documentary on Sergio or Sergio working on a  
Groo series?  I think that around the time of Eisner awards, cons, and  what-not 
would be neat.Talk to friends and colleagues of Sergio, fans at  cons, tape 
him at work.  Follow him during the Groo/Conan  miniseries, maybe?  


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